Kris Katchit

Kris is a multi skilled circus and medieval performer available for your event. He has been performing for over 20 years for a wide variety of events.

About Kris Katchit

Kris has entertained many thousands of people of all ages and provides a wide range of entertainment ranging from walkabout, mix'n'mingle, workshops and shows. He is an accomplished stiltwalker, juggler, object balancer etc. He can often be seen lying on a bed of nails or walking across a bed of broken glass. Apart from performing, he also teaches circus skills.

What to expect

Kris always arrives at a venue in plenty of time so that he can meet his client, find out where he is performing, get everything in place prior to having a short break to prepare before providing the entertainment he is booked for. He is always immaculately dressed (costumes vary depending on the event) and puts people at ease immediately. Kris usually carries far more equipment that is necessary, so that should the unexpected arise, he has more than enough to cover all aspects of the event.

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